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How do I block search engines (bot)?

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How do I block search engines (bot)?

PostAuthor: Schnulli » Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:12 am

How do I block search engines (bot)?

In the present time it is unfortunately so, that everything on the Internet to find and read is searched by the search engines arbitrarily and without consideration of the copyrights and is archived.
The NSA scandal and surveillance madness have been persistently and persistently extremely negative for most Internet users, as well as the loss of trust in the Internet, the providers, the authorities, the intelligence services, governments and even the criminal thieves in the lobby and leave an economy behind.
It is logical for anyone who understands that only halfway logical thinking that nothing is safe on the Internet because everything is simply stolen.
For many, the breach of trust is so great and so high that some of their information, articles, free software and everything else that copyright has removed from the Internet.
It's logical to think and act in such a way that you can not put anything online that can be stolen.
The inability to act and also the lack of will on the part of the German government here to act absolutely determined to act, the rights and copyrights of the individual are protected and protected are missing and the people is angry and begins to refuse!

There is always the possibility to encrypt data and information, so complicated that it is extremely expensive to decrypt it.
For example, to prevent a search engine from finding a simple solution and only be able to query the homepage and website, there are a number of solutions.
A simple solution is to catch all requests and disguise what the direct link to information is.
Suppose someone hired one from a provider webspace.
If all the links to the information are available on the website, it is easy and straightforward to link and read out.
But if you use a little program code, it can be intercepted, it's called frame technology but it does not show all the content you've chosen.
Only the URL (address) of the homepage appears, the rest is not displayed with the direct address and URL.
So one is forced to always look for the homepage to then reach the goal and content about this because you want to visit or read.

Anyone who has questions about how to do this, ask these questions in the forum, I do not answer private requests, PM or mail on this topic.

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